Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

Greycoat Real estate Sees a Fall in Market Appraisals

Greycoat Real Estate understands the real estate market from every position. They know how to find the best outcome, whether dealing with acquisitions or asset management. The latest reports of property appraisals saw a 7% drop in March. The market appraisals were lower, and the interested buyers were up 4% in each member branch.

Differences Between March 2024 and March 2023

There are differences between March 2024 and March 2023, but the overall statistics align with last year. In March 2024, there was an 8% increase in properties for rent and 82 new registered tenants. Greycoat Real Estate has relationships with partners in various parts of the market and uses their experience to make the best decisions. They see that the statistics reveal a supply-demand imbalance during March 2024.

Interest Rates and Inflation

Greycoat Real Estate’s statistics show that as interest rates stall, the changes to the GDP and inflation are moving in the right direction. The interest rates could lower as inflation reduces over time. While market appraisals fall, interest in home viewing is increasing. They understand that new instructions and stock levels are lower from 2023 since they invest equally with their partners.

Demand is Still Outpacing Supply

The stock of available real estate is up from last year, but residential viewing and tenant interest are lower. The nine new applicants in March 2023 prove that demand is outpacing supply. New legislative changes, such as the Renters Reform Bill and Housing Scotland Bill, help the real estate market expand. Contact Greycoat agency for more information on the UK´s current housing trends.


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