Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

Dr. Robert Belfer: A Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist Making a Difference

 Dr. Robert Belfer is an esteemed pediatric emergency medicine specialist based in
Voorhees, NJ. With over three decades of clinical experience, Dr. Belfer has
established himself as a trusted expert in his field. He is known for his
compassionate approach and dedication to providing the highest quality care  to
his young patients. 

As a professor of Pediatrics at the prestigious Perelman School of Medicine, Dr.
Belfer is not only committed to clinical practice but also to sharing his
knowledge with the next generation of medical professionals. His expertise and
e xperience make him a sought-after mentor and educator in the field of
pediatric emergency medicine. 

Dr. Belfer completed his residency in Pediatrics at the renowned Children’s
National Medical Center and graduated from the Perelman School of Medicine  at
the University of Pennsylvania. He has been board certified in Pediatric
Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Pediatrics, further solidifying his
expertise in this specialized area of medicine. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Belfer has contributed significantly to the field of pediatric
emergency medicine through his research and publications. His work on topics
such as the management of febrile infants and children and the use of the
skeletal survey in child maltreatment evaluation has been widely recogn ized and
cited in medical literature. 

In addition to his clinical practice and academic pursuits, Dr. Belfer is affiliated
with prestigious hospitals, including the Child ren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
and Virtua Voorhees. His presence and contributions to these institutions have
been instrumental in providing exceptional care to children in need. 

Dr. Belfer’s commitment to his patients and the field of pediatric emergency
medicine is evident in his track record of excellence and dedication. His
expertise, combined with his compassionate approach , makes him a trusted
advocate for the well-being of children. Dr. Robert Belfer is a true asset to
the medical community, and his contributions continue to shape the field of
pediatric emergency medicine for the better.  


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