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Jamie Horowitz’ Omaha Productions’ Takes Bold Leap into Comedy with “Chad Powers”

Omaha Productions, co-founded by NFL legend Peyton Manning and esteemed TV executive Jamie Horowitz, is making headlines once again, this time venturing into the realm of scripted comedy. Their new project, “Chad Powers,” draws inspiration from the universally acclaimed “Ted Lasso” and promises to bring a fresh perspective to the world of TV comedy. Under Horowitz’s leadership, known for his innovative approach in the sports media landscape, Omaha Productions aims to continue its streak of creating content that resonates with and unites audiences.

From Unscripted Success to Scripted Ventures

“Chad Powers” is not just another addition to Omaha Productions’ portfolio; it represents the company’s expansion into scripted storytelling. The series is rooted in a popular skit featuring Eli Manning, Peyton’s brother, as a college quarterback aiming for redemption. The transition from a beloved skit to a full-fledged Hulu series signifies Omaha’s ambition to explore diverse content genres while maintaining its core mission of uplifting storytelling.

The Creative Force Behind Chad Powers

Glen Powell, renowned for his role in “Top Gun: Maverick,” steps into the limelight not only as the lead actor but also as a co-writer and executive producer of “Chad Powers.” Joining him in the executive production are Peyton and Eli Manning, alongside Jamie Horowitz, marking a collaboration of some of the most dynamic figures in entertainment today. The involvement of Michael Waldron, celebrated for his work on “Loki,” ensures a rich narrative experience, blending the high stakes of college football with the comedic elements that define the genre.

Jamie Horowitz’s Vision for Audience Engagement

Jamie Horowitz’s impact on Omaha Productions is evident in the company’s rapid ascent within the media industry. Known for pioneering the ManningCast, Horowitz has a knack for creating content that engages and captivates audiences. His expertise is expected to play a crucial role in shaping “Chad Powers” into a series that not only entertains but also connects with viewers on multiple levels, leveraging the universal appeal of sports and humor.

A New Chapter in Sports Entertainment

“Chad Powers” is poised to capitalize on the success of ManningCast, further solidifying Omaha Productions’ reputation as a trailblazer in sports media. The series aims to attract a diverse audience, combining the drama and excitement of football with the relatable journey of seeking second chances. As sports and entertainment increasingly intersect, “Chad Powers” is set to become a testament to Omaha’s innovative approach to storytelling.

Looking Ahead

As anticipation for “Chad Powers” builds, Omaha Productions stands at the forefront of a new era in entertainment. The collaborative efforts of its creative team, spearheaded by Horowitz’s vision and the Mannings’ insight, promise a series that extends beyond traditional comedy, offering a heartfelt exploration of redemption and resilience. In doing so, “Chad Powers” not only marks Omaha Productions’ foray into scripted comedy but also underscores its commitment to diversifying the landscape of television storytelling, making it a highly awaited project for fans and critics alike.


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