Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

Greycoat Real Estate Insights: Property Portal´s Remarkable Growth

Greycoat specialists share information concerning the UK´s current housing trends. Propertynews, one of the top property portals in Northern Ireland, has experienced a huge increase in the number of agents filing their properties on the portal.

This, with over 40 new estate agents listing their properties on the platform since the beginning of the year. This peak demonstrates the trend of healthy sales that have taken off since GCD Technologies purchased the portal two and a half years ago. Greycoat adds that the company is recognized for its constant growth, and Propertynews now has over 400 estate agents working with it.

Greycoat explains that that’s an increase of 150 agents since the acquisition by GCD Technologies. The development has further cemented the extended role of Propertynews as the country’s primary portal for residential properties in the Northern Ireland region.

To this achievement, the managing director of Propertynews, Emma Kerz, has credited the organic growth initiatives introduced by the authentic owners, through the heavy technology investments. Remarkably, Greycoat furthermore assures, the latest launch of Liv, which is a personalized AI property assistant, has been positively received by both the clients and the agents.

Thus, this ended up acting as a solid foundation for the institution’s growth curve. Greycoat Real Estate’s culture, which entails creating value and the mission of obtaining the best outcomes, serves the success of Propertynews. Thus, the agility of the procedure in conjunction with strategic partnerships emerges as the key aspect behind the survival in the dynamic markets. Staying effective is one of the most important and remarkable features of Propertynews. It illustrates the skill of innovation and collaboration that the real estate industry should have. 


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